Worship of female deities known as Ammans has been a Dravidian culture from time immemorial. Pragadhambal is one such Amman with her abode at Thirugokarnam near Pudukkottai. The Vijaya nagar Emperor who was ruling over Pudukkottai... MORE
Location & Peedam
The Araikasu Amman Peedam is located in Rathinamangalam, a beautiful village in the Vandalur Kelambakkam Road which branches from the GST road near Vandaloor Zoo, near Chennai. Rathina mangalam is at a distance... MORE
Sri Arai kasu Amman, with her abode in the beautiful village Rathinamangalam, abutting the Vandalur Kelambakkam Road at a distance of 5 Kms from GST Road near Vandaloor Zoo near Chennai, bestows boons to her worshippers. She restores lost or misplaced articles, documents etc if prayed and worshipped her with whole hearted devotion and submission. Her worshippers are thrilled with the sight of lost or misplaced items Araikasu Amman grants boons like marriage, children, Land, properties, restoration of lost.... More
Pooja Details
Immediately after opening the shrines, abishekams are performed to the Araikasu Amman with Milk, Tender Cocunut water, Honey, curd, and sandal and other perfumes. After Abishekam, Vasthra dharan is done... MORE
Photo Gallery
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